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Interview Community is a platform dedicated to interview-related content.
It aims to assist both interviewees in preparing for their interviews and interviewers in selecting high-quality questions for their next interview.
All the questions available are authentic interview questions, contributed either by interviewees who were asked these questions in their interviews or by interviewers who have used them in the past.
Users have the option to like or dislike a question based on its suitability. Liking a question indicates that it should be asked more frequently because it effectively assesses an interviewee's abilities. On the other hand, disliking a question implies that it is not ideal for an interview as it fails to accurately evaluate someone's qualifications for the job.
Additionally, users can upvote or downvote answers based on their quality. Upvoting signifies that the answer is comprehensive and addresses all aspects of the question, while downvoting indicates that the answer is incorrect or lacks certain components of the question.

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